Press Release: Republican Party Endorses Jarrett Lipman for City Council, Dist. 9

Bexar County Republicans: Lipman is ‘best choice for new, conservative leadership.’

SAN ANTONIO – After interviewing several candidates, Jeff McManus, Chairman of the Bexar County Republican Party, announced today that Jarrett Lipman, small business owner and former Johnson High School Band Director, was the Republican Party’s choice for San Antonio City Council, District 9.

“The Republican Party of Bexar County is proud to endorse Jarrett Lipman because he’s the best choice for new, conservative leadership in District 9 and at City Hall. Jarrett has a proven track record of success as a coach, teacher, and small business owner and will provide the fiscally conservative, solution-oriented leadership so badly needed in District 9,” said Chairman McManus. “I’m calling on all Bexar County Republicans to participate in the upcoming city elections and vote for candidates who won’t raise taxes and will focus on important basic city services, like public safety, which is why everyone should also vote ‘NO’ on Proposition A!”

Lipman expressed his gratitude stating, “Thank you, Chairman McManus and the Bexar County Republican Party, for endorsing and supporting my campaign to make our neighborhoods safer, improve our infrastructure, keep our utilities affordable and reliable, and work to lower taxes. District 9 is a compassionate community, but we have watched the council take advantage of that kindness through wasteful spending and poor return on our investments. I’ll prioritize delivering high-quality public services and ensure our district invests tax dollars wisely. I’m confident I can work with people of all backgrounds and beliefs to build consensus around the most pressing issues facing our district and the City of San Antonio.”

After serving for fifteen years as a band director at Johnson High School, Jarrett Lipman now owns and runs a small business specializing in instructional coaching for music teachers. He is a creative problem-solver passionate about serving the community to ensure it remains excellent for our youth.

Lipman currently resides in Stone Oak. He lived in Encino Bluff in District 9 for eleven years, from 2009 to 2020.

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