Press Release: Jarrett Lipman Condemns Radical ‘Justice’ Charter Effort

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February 16, 2023

San Antonio, TX – Jarrett Lipman, candidate for city council, dist. 9, strongly condemned the so-called “Justice” Charter Amendments placed on the May 6th ballot today by the San Antonio City Council. While crime rises in District 9, anti-law enforcement and defund police activists are working to convince voters to approve the measure, undermining law enforcement and decriminalizing several types of crime that plague our neighborhoods and businesses.

“I oppose the ‘Justice’ Charter, and as councilman, I’ll stand strong for public safety and our police officers. I know that’s the only way that we’ll keep our district 9 neighborhoods, businesses, and families safe,” said Jarrett Lipman. “The ‘Justice’ Charter will increase crime, drug use, and homelessness, and raise the cost of doing business in San Antonio.”

With crime in dist. 9, and city-wide, continuing to skyrocket, Lipman says the “Justice” Charter Amendments are “not the solution” to the problem. These amendments include:

  • Appointment of a taxpayer-funded “Justice Director,” who, by law, will have NO law enforcement background, to oversee police and implement a “Justice Policy” (i.e., legalizing several criminal offenses and defunding the police dept.).
  • No arrests for thefts of less than $750, hurting businesses and consumers, increasing the cost of insurance to homeowners and businesses, putting retail workers at risk, and damaging our city’s ability to attract good jobs and businesses. Currently criminals who steal property with a value between $100 and $750 face a fine of $2,000 and up to 180 days in jail.
  • No arrests for graffiti offenses less than $2,500, meaning lower property values, more gang activity, and graffiti removal costs to homeowners, taxpayers, and business owners.
  • Not requiring those charged with a crime to present official state documents like a driver’s license or ID, allows criminals to present false identification to avoid prosecution

The proposed charter amendment also uses other issues to “muddy the waters” and attract voters who believe it will legalize abortion and marijuana use. Make no mistake, even if passed, this amendment cannot legalize abortion or marijuana, as Texas State Law regulates those.

“We should invest in better lighting and increased security in neighborhoods, shopping malls, and other hot spots in the city,” Lipman stated. “By connecting SAPD with neighborhood and homeowner associations, we can listen to constituent concerns and work immediately to develop solutions unique to each area, including engaging in more substantial participation in neighborhood watch programs.”

As councilman, Lipman will work to address the police officer shortage and boost the numbers of SAFFE officers in District 9 neighborhoods. He wants to strengthen law enforcement, not burn bridges with them, which is what the “Justice” Charter amendments will do.

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