Fact-Checking the Councilman: Residency Misinformation

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Councilman John Courage recently e-mailed his constituents inaccurate information about our campaign and my place of residency. In a recent email to voters, he wrote that I haven’t been a resident of San Antonio “for years.”

Here are the facts:

  • I lived in Encino Bluff in District 9 for nearly eleven years, from 2009-2020 and moved back into the district in January of 2022. 
  • I have served our community as a Band Director at Johnson High School in District 9 since 2008. 
  • I did not claim a homestead exemption in 2023.
  • I love our neighborhood, and yes, I am okay with making a few changes in my life because some things are worth fighting for. 

More facts about crime in our community:

Property taxes have also skyrocketed, and we have seen a visible increase in homelessness in the neighborhood. Our community needs stronger leadership to confront real problems. That’s why I am running. 

Councilman Courage is out of step and out of touch with our values. As Gilbert Garcia wrote in the Express-News recently, “District 9 is the most politically conservative in the city. It’s the only San Antonio council district that Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz carried over Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke in the 2018 midterms.” Yet, Garcia states, our Councilman is “an unabashed liberal Democrat.” District 9 deserves a representative who shares and will stand for the values of all its constituents.

And while the councilman walked out on a vote on whether to put Prop A on the ballot and took weeks to make his position clear, I have been unequivocal since day one: with crime rising in our community, I stand AGAINST Prop. A. If approved, it will only increase crime, drug use, and homelessness and raise the cost of doing business in San Antonio. This proposition will decriminalize theft under $750, making San Antonio more dangerous, like San Francisco, Portland, or Chicago. Visit www.protectsa.net for more on the dangers Prop. A poses for our community.

Voters deserve the truth, and the fact is that what John Courage recently wrote is just, well, not very ‘neighborly.’


Jarrett Lipman

PS: If you’re ready for a fresh start and a new voice on the city council, someone who shares your values and will listen and lead, I ask for your support. It’s easy to help. Sign up to volunteer or donate below (any amount helps).

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